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"Imagine exploring the most impressive landscapes, capturing every detail with your camera. Visualize the sparkle in the eyes of your loved ones as you capture their most emotional portraits. Now, elevate your perspective with amazing aerial images thanks to drone technology.

I am Roberto Jose, and that is my passion: capturing the beauty of the world around us. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by photography. Every click of my camera is an attempt to stop time, to capture the ephemeral beauty that surrounds us.


Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories."


Discover the services that Nature frame by jose offers to capture your adventures. From landscape photography to portraits and aerial drone photography, we have everything you need to immortalize your most special moments.

Landscape photography

With my landscape photography service it will allow you to capture the beauty of nature in its maximum splendor. With my experience and passion for adventure, I guarantee you stunning images that will transport you back to those magical places.


Do you want to capture your adventurous spirit in an image? My portrait service will help you show your unique personality in natural settings. Whether on top of a mountain or in the middle of a forest, we will create images that reflect your passion for adventure.

Aerial Photography/Video with drone

With my experience as a drone pilot, we can capture impressive aerial images of your adventures. From panoramic views to aerial action shots, drone photography will give you a unique and exciting perspective on your experiences.

Dientes de la vieja, Suiza

Standing on top of Diente de la Vieja, a remote hill in Switzerland, you eagerly await the sunset. After spending the night in this secluded spot, you're overcome with excitement as you prepare your drone to capture this unique view from the sky at dusk. With the sun beginning to dip below the horizon, the freshness of the mountain air surrounds you as the drone gently rises, ready to immortalize the majesty of the Swiss Alps in the warm evening light. Each shot is a unique experience, knowing that these images will become memories that you will treasure forever.

Dolomitas Italia Foto de paisaje

You stand in front of the majestic Three Peaks of the Dolomites, marveling at their awe-inspiring beauty, even on a cloudy day. With your camera in hand, you capture the magical moment when the peaks rise into the gray cloud-covered sky. Despite the lack of sun, the atmosphere is magical. The morning fog surrounds the peaks, adding a touch of mystery to the landscape. You feel small before the greatness of these mountains, but at the same time, part of something extraordinary. Every click of your camera seems to capture the very essence of the Dolomites' majesty, creating an image that will transcend time and transport you back to this magical moment again and again.

Piloting my drone over the burned forest of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica, you are impressed by the magnitude of the destruction and the regenerative force of nature. From the air, you see life beginning to break through again, with little green shoots poking through the ashes. It is a powerful experience to see the interplay between devastation and renewal from this aerial perspective, feeling a deep connection with nature and renewed hope in its ability to heal and regenerate.

© Roberto Jose 2023

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